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Sep 30, 2009


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Raleigh would be cool. Only an hour from here, can come home for Sunday dinner. Unlike me...I live 700 miles from my parents...can't have Sunday dinner with them too often! ;-)


I moved to Austin after graduating from UF, partly because it is cool - tons of live music and outdoor activities galore, everywhere, including downtown - but mostly because I had a great job at Motorola, now Freescale. Freescale, and many other Austin stalwarts, aren't hiring many new college grads, and not nearly as many as they were in '98. The one big tech driver there is National Instruments, which is hiring many & a market leader.

Where trendy smaller cities might have captivated youth in the past, today's recession-scarred young people are more pragmatic, placing "greater emphasis on where high-quality, high-paying jobs are created," says Ross DeVol, director of regional economics for the nonprofit Milken Institute.

For Portland, my company has a small facility there, and Intel has its research base there and a large facility. It's a place you wouldn't expect to be a tech heavyweight, but it is.


Hey Ed, that's not Raleigh, it's Raleigh-, at least on the web. Do you have the paper copy of this? I suspect that the "city" is Raleigh-Durham since the picture that accompanies it is of Durham's Brightleaf Square. I've e-mailed the reporter for clarification. I posted about this on my blog (below) complete with a screen shot that shows the photo captioned both as Raleigh and as Durham. Either way the description is pretty generic and won't spur anyone to move here (which is fine by me).

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