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Aug 26, 2009


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Jeffrey Sykes

I like Gillmor's take on the issue. It is one of those issues where a little headache is necessary to ensure maximum liberty.

I do know that from my experience it is much more conducive to conversation online if you are talking to people who use their real name. I've used the example of Protzman and Harrison before. When they were Anglico and scharrison I was much more prone to attacking their id's as opposed to discussing their ideas.

Once I knew I was talking to James and Steve, all that changed.

Also, as someone who has endured a lot of anonymous online criticism I can tell you it is a lot easier to discount the anonymous hits than it is when it comes from someone you can identify as a real human being.

In either case, I think liberty and free speech are the overriding concerns here.


Good points, Jeffrey (if that is your real name).

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