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Aug 31, 2009


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unless the office taker abides by the oath to uphold and protect the Constitution, the regime becomes the de facto occupier of this nation. While this may or may not be the whim of the majority, it is the unpleasantness of a republic.

More serious and evident: The change that occurred was Obama into Cheney. I don't see anything that is remotely odd or why any of the least enlightened lumpen would not be OK or even thrilled with the prospect of the third term of Bush.

rule of law- n.(archaic) the whim of the current judge in whose jurisdiction the situation finds itself. ~ Guy de Mofeau, Legislator


Cheney doesn't want enforcement action and it just so happens his previous position on the unitary president lines up nicely with this. Cheney notes Obama's previous statement of no action.


I think what is curious about the analysis of Cheney's comments is the lack of analysis of the actions of the Bush-Cheney CIA which has put us in this predicament in the first place. Like all well-schooled politicians, the immediate categorization of an action as "political" by Cheney is intended to minimize any honest discussion of this situation.


RBM: Strictly speaking, Obama didn't advocate "no action," period, he advocated no prosecution of interrogators who acted within the limits of what federal lawyers told them was permissible [whether or not what those lawyers told them was accurate]. In other words, Obama wouldn't oppose prosecuting interrogators who went beyond, say, the Yoo/Bybee memos. And a few did.



Fair enough:

He’s up on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and his attorney general is going back and doing something that the president said some months ago he wouldn’t do.
Strictly speaking is OK by me.

obama is at 46%. he is staying as true as Bush did to the Machiavellian model. he is offering a head. He's at a point where merely holding a sword behind the offerings' neck will not do. He has to kill someone soon, even if he has to pardon them posthumously.

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