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Aug 30, 2009


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David Wharton

Ed Cone channeling Thomas Sowell? Inconceivable!

Janet Mitchell

I enjoy your columns in the N & R, but today's seemed just a selection from your blogs. I prefer your longer thought pieces. JTM

Michele, aka "cm"

"This really is a nice town, thanks to folks like Michele and Dennis, and Sean and Bobby and Pat. And you, too, probably."

And especially, Ed Cone. You are a consistent help and support, and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much, Ed. :)

Ed Cone

CM, you set an example that inspires many people.

JM, long-form columns resume next time. The interplay between blogging and columns is interesting (to me, at least). Not everyone reads the blog, so a catch-up column can have value, I hope.

DW, I can imagine a Borges story in which a young, credulous, leftist Sowell is smothered to death by an old, credulous, rightist Sowell, the latter using a pillowcase full of his own think-tank cant as a weapon.

Fec the Jihadist

I run into my former self all the time in the guise of old programs I maintain. I am, in fact, haunted by myself.

We don't have enough superheroes.

Brad Krantz

Reminds me of one of those old Larry King columns from USA Today.... full, unabashed, pointless, free form opinion about nothing........

For me, Sinatra over Michael Jackson anyday.

I miss John Madden already.

Kids keep you young.

They don't make senators like Ted Kennedy anymore.

Learn Twitter? Are you kidding, I can't even swallow those big pills I gotta take every day.

What's the point of a corned-beef sandwich without a Dr. Brown Black Cherry?

sean coon

thanks for the kind words, ed. i've enjoyed the last few years focusing on working with creative people in the community. it's a much more enjoyable life than arguing online.

i do hope to see you and lisa (and cm and anthony and fec and...) on friday night.

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