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Aug 27, 2009


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the acquiescence to the practice of torture is an old old as the Roman Empire. A bundle of rods bound together adorns the Lincoln Memorial, US dimes minted from 1916-1945 and the House of Representatives. The West was deeply infatuated with this model until pictures of concentration camps and their victims came from Europe after WW2. This model teaches all students and followers that all truth is just a matter of opinion; some things are just too complicated and we can't know a lot about economics and ethics. Because truth is unknowable, right and wrong are unknowable also. When conflicts arise, power holders must do whatever is needed. No limits or exceptions are in the model. If liberty is required, it is granted. If millions need to die, so be it. After the death camps were exposed, everyone could see where this model leads and it was banished from respectable models. But the philosophy of do what ever appears to be necessary still has some legs. You hear it from both parties in this country.


The claims about this model's efficiency is so widely believed that anything resembling this model is only mildly opposed. All truth is opinion after all. The government must do whatever is necessary, whether its torture, debase the currency, stimulus or make something too big to fail. Because this model abhors limits, it borrows policies from other models. This provides a disguise and can appear as a harmless, patriotic model with functions of other paradigms. But when someone says, "we must do whatever is necessary." the bundle of rods appear. If this economic model is so efficient, why did it produce only 204 long range bombers during WW2 and England produced over 13,500. The model seemed scientific, but the country which used it taxed and regulated itself into chaos.


so print how much? who knows. torture how much? who knows. encroach how much? plunder how much? loot how much? who knows because truth is a matter of opinion and you don't really know anything useful, do you?

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