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Aug 21, 2009


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Fec the Jihadist

I vomited a little in my mouth watching that last night. What a craven lunatic.


Why do conservatives continue to go on that shoe just to be ritually disemboweled by a superior intellectual force?

Jeffrey Sykes

Let me guess. The Daily Show, voice of the DNC?

Sugar Magnolia

If you were crossing a street and Jon Stewart yelled "watch out", would you ignore it assuming "the voice of the DNC" was lying? Seems to me pretty clear the articulate guest said what she wanted and looked how she looked. Why is that lessened because it happened on Daily Show? If President went on Rush's show and spoke incoherently, that would greatly trouble me despite the fact it happened on Rush's show.


there's a simple solution. all the positivists have to do is pass a law declaring companies to be enemy combatants if they take someone's savings or house while they're sick...whether or not they own property or have savings. the government has become the third party in every contract in amerika. they can do this too...but who would be the losers if they stopped foreclosures and renegers on health policies? two of the largest contributors to both parties, that's all. Instead, play the jesus card and invoke the same god which sanctioned chattel slavery and saddle the lumpen with the newest entitlement scheme, the right to good health, which can only be provided or interrupted by healthcare professionals.

Jeffrey Sykes

Personally I think it is a sad commentary on our society that a majority of Americans get their news from a comedy show.

Or maybe it's fitting.


Mr Sykes: I use a reasonable yardstick: when Parker and Stone script it, I know it was news. They're going to have fun with this.


Sykes you wouldn't believe how many folks I know who believe "Stewart tells it like it is!" and that "He's here for us!".

Ed Cone

Nobody seems to be challenging Stewart's reading of the bill, or defending McCaughey's interpretation of it.

So of course the logical next step is to shoot the messenger.


So in part two does she point to the penalty the creates the mandatory aspect Jom said he did not find in his reading ?

Jeffrey Sykes

Nobody is shooting the messenger.

I personally find it incredulous that the majority of Americans turn to a comedy show to get their news.

Fec the Jihadist

FOXNews is hilarious, but then it isn't real.

Grammar Nazi

"I personally find it incredulous"

No, your trite observation about news sourcing, which seems based on a media landscape fixed in the year 1974, indicates that you are incredulous at this situation, or that you find it incredible.

Also, it's not clear that you understand what "majority" means.


"'s not clear that you understand what 'majority' means."

It's not clear that you understand what "buyers' remorse" means.

Jeffrey Sykes

Fox News versus the Daily Show sums up nicely the mindlessness of the American conversation.

GN: Please consult Websters.

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