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Aug 17, 2009


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Is it drinking and mocking with which Card has a problem or only the drinking and mocking of those who "who shop at Wal-Mart (sic) and eat at McDonald's?"

I've been to plenty of parties where people guzzle beer and pretzels and smoke weed and mocked new things that people like, like blogging, Obama, and i-Phones.

I am still confused about arugula though, is a like for it liberal or conservative?

Jerry Bledsoe

"Mmm,sippable cheese."

Never heard of Cheez Whiz, huh?

They have plenty of it at Wal-Mart. It's that stuff they pour on cheesecakes in Philly, which is why Ghassan's are so much better. Like Sake, it's better, and more sippable, when warmed.

Jerry Bledsoe

I meant cheesesteaks, not cheesecakes. Dessert already on my mind.


Arugula is for liberals. The Card Doctrine suggests conservatives don't eat anything that is both green and vegetable matter. Excepting, of course, the lettuce on a Big Mac.

Fec the Jihadist

Jeeper Roch, repugs don't eat arugula.

I came across OSC at a party recently, mistook him for an escaped mental patient and spent the evening asking questions about Stephen King novels.

Ed Cone

I thought about Cheez Whiz, but I realized that intellectuals actually going to a store where The Rest Of Us shop in order to buy it might cause a matter/anti-matter reaction of galactic proportions. Then I wondered if they were so high from all that weed that they were sipping fondue, which I believe is very popular with intellectuals, as it comes from Europe.

I had an excellent cheesesteak on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore a couple of weeks back. Actually, just a few bites of one -- beware the teenager who offers to split a sandwich.

Jerry Bledsoe

I seem to have recollections of weed heads sipping fondue, but I believe it was the chocolate.

Kirk Ross

That stuff is as old as Dukakis-bashing.
By the way Ed, when's the next meet up of the shadowy group?
I'm feeling particularly snarly after missing the tractor pull last weekend.

Ed Cone

It predates Dukakis.

I don't get invited to those intellectual parties, er, little soirees, so you'll have to wait for Scott to name names.


I don't read his usual media, so I hope it will be reported here if he identifies the cheese drinkers. I'm more interested in where they get their weed than their liquid cheese.


That guy's nuttier than a nice melted raclette.


I can't believe they give that guy a pen anymore....


Apparently in Card's world, only women cook.


Sippable cheese is next to the boxes of wine at Wal-Mart. Or so I've heard. I've never actually been in a Wal-Mart.

Kirk Ross

Sorry, I meant to say using Arugula to declare someone an elitist liberal is a Dukakis-era talking point. Rather quaint, really.
And I haven't been invited to any shadowy elites group convos either. Must be my shoes.


What does Ender eat?

Doug H

Launchies and buggers.

Just finished re-reading Ender's Game!


I've been to those parties too. Funny, I don't remember OSC being there. Maybe it was the cheese I sipped.

I do find it interesting that a practicing Mormon like Card would spend his time hanging out with a bunch of pot heads.

Now if it were Bledsoe... ;-)

Joe Killian

I know and have known plenty of people who smoke plenty of...ahem..."weed."

But almost none of them are interested in wine and cheese.

He is aware the drugs from which (presumably moneyed) intellectuals have to choose have gotten much, much better, isn't he?

Britt Whitmire

I just want to know how we can "push" him. I'm dying for him to expose these cheese-sipping bastards.

Joe Killian

Well, you can't blame these awful "intellectual" bastards for assuming a sometimes English professor who writes fantasy and science fiction novels and spends thousands of words telling us how much better popular novels, movies, music and television might been was...(gasp) one of them.

Little do they know it was but a clever disguise...


C'mon. Arugula may call to mind an '80s political attack, but the leafy green forever linked to Dukakis is endive, Belgian endive to be exact. See for campaign fun, 1988 style.


If OSC became trapped in a roomful of gay wine sipping intellectuals would his head explode?


I am not touching that one


I think mine just did.

Who does that silly straight-boy think he is anyway?


Steve, yes. Arugula belongs to Obama.

Kirk Ross

Steve, you are most correct on the Willie Horton of leafy vegetables being Belgian endive — emphasis on 'Belgian.'


OSC was really talking about the FRESH MARKET crowd. Don't tempt me i will name names.


I can't wait for the chanting to start, "Orson, go home! Orsen, go home!Orson go h...."

Ed Cone

If you read the column, you'll see OSC is quite the fan of froufrou foods. He favors "sticky sushi rice" over the stuff the proles eat, and coos about "Australian yogurt that's exactly the way I like it."

And he trashes iceberg lettuce and orange juice from concentrate like an "intellectual" who, as he might put it, "despise[s] everything the common man buys and eats."

His problem is not with food snobs, or with people who make a living as writers and teachers.

For whatever reason, he seems to be walking around (or at least sitting at the keyboard) with a seething contempt for people a whole lot like himself.

David Wharton

Well, whatever Card's reverse-snobbery hypocrisy (and I admit to the same vice -- it's such a pleasant one to indulge!), I found his book review valuable.

Did the author really make those howlers about the population and forestation of the U.S.? A book so shoddily researched isn't worth buying, so thanks, OSC, for saving me some money.

Ed Cone

I enjoy Scott's column, and often find his reviews helpful, even when our tastes are 180 degrees out of phase.

And I agree that Kurlansky and his editors should be red-faced over those errors in the introduction.

But I couldn't tell if the essays in the book really suck, or if that was the chip on OSC's shoulder talking.

The review told us a lot about the grievances of Scott Card, a foodie and intellectual who hates foodies and intellectuals, but little about the essays on food.

Could be Orson Scott Card but probably not

I don't read this blog. So don't think I am not commenting just because I am a print elitist, because I am not, I am very much a fan of the modern communications tools of my hoi polloi peeps, I just don't read this blog and nobody has brought this post to my attention. Really. I swear.

See you in the funny papers,

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