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Aug 29, 2009


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A. Bulluck

Why did Obama lie to the electorate?


Some years ago I would not have agree with Moyers. Today, I do. I'm a registered Democrat because their candidates agree with me on issues more than right-wing candidates, who seldom, if ever, agree with me. Better to vote for someone who, at the worst, won't do much harm than to vote for someone who will deliberately set out to wreak havoc.

I wouldn't vote for a Green or candidate of another fringe party who might more accurately represent my positions but stands no chance of victory. This is politics, after all, not preparation for an afterlife.

Afghanistan: The purpose of our intervention was to prevent that country's use as a base from which Americans can be attacked. That's a worthy and necessary objective. Whether the only way to get there is to build a democratic nation in the mountains of South Asia remains a pretty good debate topic. I'd much rather have a despotic Afghanstan that controlled terrorists than a democratic Afghanistan that did not.

David Hoggard

Thanks for directing me to this Moyers interview, Ed. I might have otherwise missed the opportunity to hear my views so eloquently and simply stated.

Moyers is a wise man and we should be listening more to the truly wise among us. We should all take fair warning from his statement about the rivets holding our ship together beginning to strain... again.

How I miss true leadership such as what Moyers prescribes. But really, I guess I can't miss what I've hardly ever experienced first hand.

But I do long for it.


democracy- n. a system of government in which the narrowest of interests are served by the widest majority. ~ Jean de Mofeau, French Economist


So I guess the only thing we've left to fight about is should we call this one party the Republicrats or the Dimlicans.

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