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Aug 27, 2009


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A scoop that doesn't even attempt to describe it sources -- just asserts it. I guess we are relying on Hammer's fear of embarrassment that this is accurate. If it is, there is plenty encouraging. Young, from out of town, not from some tiny berg and, having served as Dayton's Deputy Director for the Department of Information & Technology Services, those who think the utilization of technology in Greensboro's city government lags may find a friend. Sounds good so far.

Roger Greene

Wasn't Mitch Johnson from the IT department. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Some of my best friends are from there and they seem almost normal for the most part.


His age will be a definite asset. Why am I not surprised by the behavior of the council in the closed meeting as reported by the Rhino? Individual personalities aside, it makes me think about complementing the new manager with an all new Council.

Fec the Jihadist

Brian, it's going to be painful watching you break on the rocks which are Greensboro. I wonder if the cows in Dayton are smarter than ours? I predict he'll very soon grow homesick for a real airport.

Robbie Perkins

The following link from the Dayton Business Journal has an interesting article about Young's departure from the perspective of the business community:

David Hoggard


Any reaction yet from the "neighborhood" community? Meaning... the working stiffs of Dayton?

I'm pleased with your pick based on what I've read so far and am amused about the fact that he is even younger than Councilman Methany. Am kind of surprised, however, that Goldie goes or it knowing of her motherly apprehensions toward the abilities and judgment of the younger folk.

But, again, I think you guys done good.

David Hoggard

Should have read "..Goldie goes for it..." above.

Jeffrey Sykes

Looks like he is leaving behind a $20 million operating deficit.



Fec - I'm not sure of which rocks you speak of, but should I meet such rocks, I will know they weren't placed there to cause injury, but to break my fall.

Jeff - I can't imagine there are many towns in Ohio that don't have an operating deficit right now... No one is moving to Ohio any more (i.e., no new tax revenue) and the infrastructure is crumbling.

I look forward to seeing how he immerses himself into a place he isn't familiar with and what his approach will be. I thought Mo Green did a good job with his listening tour...maybe Mr. Young could do the same.

Fec the Jihadist

Brian, I'm referring to our inability to unseat incumbents.

I had a step dad from outside of Dayton. I remember the area as beset with sprawl and McMansions, just like here.

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