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Aug 26, 2009


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Fec the Jihadist

I can tell by the lack of frequency transiting PTI over my house that the effort is doomed.

Roger Greene

So they take taxpayer money and then essentially tell the taxpayers that it's none of their business what they do. Did they say all that with a straight face?


Lest we forget, this pattern is repeated not just with the aerotropolis, but with the future High Point Road Commission, the Land Development Ordinance, the Downtown Design Guidelines, RUCO - the decks are stacked against the ability of everyday people to influence the critical decisions. The aerotropolis board is filled with "yes" people - people who have a personal, financial, or political stake in seeing it succeed at all costs. Darn the naysayers, sketptics and those people who ask tough questions.


Aerotropolis = Heart of the Triad, that's why.


Did you happen to notice, Ed, Taft Wireback's recent article on the technical deficiencies of the abilities of noise meters to measure noise in a way that accurately reflects the way people experience noise. It was about the urban loop.

Those very same concerns were raised by opponents of the FedEx hub years ago but were ignored by the N&R (including Wireback) in its desire to make sure FedEx hub got promoted properly.

That Wireback and the N&R found the subject worthy now but turned away from it then is just more evidence, if any is needed, that the paper's interest when it came to the hub was to promote it.

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