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Aug 30, 2009


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"hey man, pull your pants up." lol. get 'em, shell.

Tony Wilkins

"hey man, pull your pants up"...that's some funny stuff Ryan. Did you edit that in or was it for real? I'm thinking it was for real because it looked like he started to pull them up when you said that.

Ryan Shell

Tony, it was real.


Nancy Vaughan

I did a little research. GPD was trying to serve a warrant on this individual for a misdemeanor assault charge. As a result of Saturday's altercation he was charged with resisting arrest and released on a written promise to appear. He was back on the street in little over an hour.

As GPD was trying to locate this report, they mentioned that there was another tasering occurrence at 1:30 on Whitman Street. I wonder how often this tactic is used to subdue a fleeing suspect. Is it good policy to taser someone wanted on a misdemeanor? Of course we don't know this guys history so GPD may have had concerns that we are not privy to.

You may recall that an inmate died earlier this month after being tased in the Guilford County Jail. I'm not questioning the motives of our Police or Sheriff's Departments but I am questioning the safety of this method and under what circumstances it should be used.

I've requested the report and our policy.

First and foremost - don't run from the police.

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