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Aug 21, 2009


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Fec the Jihadist

The blood of Stanley Dunham is strong.


I think it was the "goddamn america" thing that got people wound up over Mr. Wright. Hardly a reverand in my opinion. More like a pastor, like Obama.



I don't recall anyone objecting to Reverend Wright being black, but then again I may have a tainted view of such things.

Fec the Jihadist

Nation of Islam, Black Theology...

Ed Cone

I don't think anyone called Rev Wright a Muslim, either.

Obama, though, was scary because, in addition to being a wild-eyed liberal, his preacher said bad things and he (Obama) was a secret Muslim and also not as white as all the other presidents before him.


You can tell a lot about folks by the company they keep.

Yeah or Nay, Ed


liberals usually want control of your economics. conservatives want to control your social behavior. moderates, bless their compromising hearts, want to control both. some see this stump party as a left/right, rich/ poor scenario. but some see it as personal liberty vs political power, which, like crime cannot be eradicated but must be controlled. what traits you lack in yourself, you cannot discern in others. everyone thinks their mob boss is doing the right thing, especially when the Almighty is invoked.


"Obama, though, was scary because...also not as white as all the other presidents before him."

Sure scared a lot of people off.

Fec the Jihadist

Obviously not enough. Chyme Boy, I'll be having my first colonoscopy next year at Eagle Family Medicine. You have a while yet to engender some confidence.


If you're going to let a family practitioner do your colonoscopy, you're going to need more than confidence!


Obama certainly isn't the most liberal guy in the room, but he's a universe away from the people whose language and images are defining conservatism today. Those folks seem about two beers away from starting private armies and throwing up roadblocks.

He also hasn't leveraged TV as skillfully as he might have. The need and the goal of a complex piece of legislation like health care refom can be explained in reaonably simple and compelling language. Obama should have been on TV from Day One delivering that explanation, preferably not while standing at apodium or sitting behind thedesk in the Oval Office.

He should also quietly drop the bipartisan gambit, since the GOP has obviously never entertained the idea of reciprocating. In their dictionary, the words means "do what we want". Of course, -- it's a long shot possibility -- perhaps he's deliberately giving the GOP ample opportunity to further alieane itself from the rest of America.

Beezle: Most moderates I've known adopt that label beause they can't make up their minds, and don't bother learning enough to make that possible. I.e., it's a euphemism for indifference.

Mick said: "You can tell a lot about folks by the company they keep." The country is full of conservative white preachers who get away with saying outrageous things.

Fec the Jihadist

My bad.


This is a joke thread, right?


Nope. Brandon, meet justcorbly. Justcorbly, meet Brandon.


CP: Explain.

Fec the Jihadist

I suppose as a gastro-enterologist the colon doesn't hold much of interest.

I figured the Eagle mafia included butt surfers.

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