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Aug 09, 2009


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Ed Cone

BB, I did not delete any comments.

Sometimes I read my drafts and then forget to fill in the little code as the last step, and thus lose my own comments.

And sometimes the system just eats comments.

Keep trying, and thanks for reading and participating.


No problem. I didn't want to make a big deal about nothing but I had to ask. It's entirely possible I just fouled up the comment thing. Anyway...


Except, in looking through the archives and at other blogs, Ed does have a history of deleting comments and denying it. So BrandonB, don't be so quick to accept Ed's excuses here, especially since you aren't echoing his or his followers opinions.


Steve, in fairness, I've found that Ed is usually forthright in his comment-deleting. I was only back in , I think, June that he went stealth about it.

Ed Cone

I've deleted a handful of the tens of thousands comments received here over the years.

On some of these, I've left the comment form live, noting in it that the comment has been redacted, and why. These tend to be highly personal and vulgar insults to people other than myself.

Occasionally, when someone is a persistent pest -- doing the same thing that got them edited or evicted before -- I'll just hit the byebye button.

And I've only been doing that since May, when, after seven years, I decided that my Anything Goes comment policy was not working. I'm very pleased with the results, and wish I'd been quicker to take an ever-so-slightly more active role as moderator.

So, anyway, I'm sorry BB's comment got eaten. I've lost a few myself.

As always, readers with any complaints whatsoever will have their subscriptions cheerfully refunded.


Hey now, I brought it up and dropped it. Now, lets talk about healthcare and national socialism.


Did anyone catch Maddow last night? I try to watch maybe 5 minutes a month. Last night she tells us "12 percent of North Carolinian conservatives, not republicans, conservatives, don't believe Hawaii is a part of the US.

It seems like the left is more stuck on this birther issue as a way to discredit the right. Just like when Jim Buie brought it up in this thread after no one had spoke about it. It's a clever way to say "well, you're DUMB and I'm not even going to debate healthcare with someone so DUMB.

Again, she said conservatives, not republicans. She had a few more polls from NC that were equally ridiculous. Obviously, the left media is not interested in educating conservatives about healthcare. They are about demonizing the opposition, and most certainly not promoting diversity. Very un-left of them. But, it's business as usual. There was no change.

Ed Cone

The birther thing was not birthed by the liberal media.

The birther campaign made it all the way to cable "news" shows and to Congress.

Then it flamed out, because it was a fraud.

And then people started whining that anyone paid attention to it in the first place. The heart bleeds.

But anyway, healthcare.

I put up a couple of posts this morning -- one about cost containment, and one about fear-mongering. The conversation continues.

On the subject of fear-mongering, I'd guess that I love my aging family members and my liberty and my private property almost as much as you love yours, and that I'm as averse to a fascist takeover of my country as you are.

If I thought health care reform was going to kill Palin's baby and my mom, or bring national socialism to these United States, I would oppose it vociferously.

But I don't.

I see potential problems, but them ain't those, and framing the debate in those terms is a way of not having the debate.


"What about the fear mongering over terrorist wiretapping?"

As I recall it was fear that was used to justify the wire tapping. Or did I miss something?

And the stem cell thing...wasn't one of the arguments put forth to justify banning stem cell research "they'll kill babies to get teh cells!"?


gotcha...no, I got you...gotcha...no, I got you...gotcha...no, I got you...YAWN...BIG SIGH

American Man

Well done. You went back two years in order to not make any kind of point whatsoever.

Please do something more productive with your time, like go outside. And play. In traffic.

Andrew Brod

Dude, you're talking to a spam bot.


American Troll is lonely at 2:30am.


Pee break. Check EC blog....

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