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Aug 26, 2009


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So I now understand - health care insurance is not about health but rather about who gets the money (or pays, denies, reduces the claim, pays for the insurance, etc. - a transaction that allocates resources between competitive claimants - the providers, the consumers and the insurance companies). So simple - who gets what and how can they look like the good guys while getting the most they can and pointing fingers at the other parties and their role.

I do believe that there is not a feasible solution for the problem - within the current structure or any of the proposed solutions.

So we are reduced to arguing about whether we are better with the devil we know than the devil we may get. Such arguing done with simplistic slogans and lots of BS.

Are we really that ?!%ing stupid? I believe the answer is yes!


Regarding the "furriners" article, it cannot be right because Sean Hannity says America has the best health care system in the world.


So how long until the health care bill is named after the Chappaquiddick Murderer? I'm glad Drunken Teddy failed in his attempt to destroy health care, the same way I hope Obama fails in his attempt to destroy America.

RIP Mary Jo. Your death has been avenged by God, and that murdering scum has no chance to visit you in God's Kingdom of Heaven. I hope the Swimmer enjoys his laps in the Lake of Fire. He has all eternity to do them.


"Chappaquiddick Murderer!?!?!?!?"

Well, if that doesn't stop health care reform in its tracks, nothing will. Seriously, what has happened to the popular right? Is raving psychosis all they have left?

Doug H

That "Back-of-the-Napkin" presentation was very interesting.

The medical side of the equation does need to be addressed, along with the insurance side, I agree. I wish we were seeing discussion on limiting malpractice awards as a way to control part of the doctors' expenses.

Ed Cone

Avenged by God? Kennedy had 40 years of privilege and power after Chappaquiddick, and lived long beyond his Biblical threescore and ten.

The Lord moves in mysterious ways.


after years of obesity, alcohol abuse and cancer Teddy falls victim to the Kennedy curse. his shaman is in big demand


A study finds that limits on non-economic damages can limit the increase in malpractice premiums. It did not find a correlation to lower health care costs for the consumer.

Meanwhile, Fox News reports that the Obama administration is open to malpractice liability reform, but discussing that isn't nearly as fun as screaming about death panels.



The short time Teddy spent on this Earth will be nothing to the eternity he spends on Hell for killing Mary Jo. He may have outlived the Biblical timeframe, but God has all of time to punish the wicked. Teddy will not ever harm Mary Jo or her family again. She is in God's Heaven, while Teddy will burn in Hell with all of the other Kennedy's who have done so much to try and destroy America.

Burn Teddy burn. God does not forget, and for filth like you God does not forgive.


SteveC: while you're giving out indulgences, i have some dead relatives that i am certain are in need of a pass to the Great Reward. Would you please oblige. Also, there are a few sumbitches that have predeceased me and I would love to know that they are suffering for at least 50% of eternity. Thanks for your help. Ed: time to change the magnets.

Doug H

An interesting point to me from the report that Roch links to is that malpractice premiums are more dependent on the performance of the insurance companies' investments than they are on trial rewards.

That's a surprising disconnect.

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