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Aug 28, 2009


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Fec the Jihadist

Thanks. I'm assuming you agree with the spending proposals mentioned in the article and not the absurd ones I tacked on at the end.

Transparency could cure a lot of antipathy.

Ed Cone

No, I liked your ideas, at least in principle. Direct spending, especially now, seems fitting to me.

Fec the Jihadist

Can we at least narrow it down to reimbursement for security? Putting flowers on HP Road was a joke.

Ed Cone

Reimbursement, esp. in the current environment, does seem attractive. The flowers thing falls into the "in principle" bucket. But direct investment in the revitalization of HP Rd is an interesting idea, and one that might enhance the experience of tourney-goers in the process.

No reason some money can't flow to tangible projects, and some to longer-term econ dev plans, either.

Fec the Jihadist



My wife,daughter and friends toured Charlotte last weekend or so while seeing the Jonas Bros in concert. Anybody been to this Epicenter (i think) place or the large old warehouses/new music area (near the bus station)?

They all were very impressed. Some more than others and with differant aspects (ie moms didnt like the bus station area) but .....


After it's finished being abandoned, maybe Greensboro could turn that old warehouse across Washington St. from its bus station into something fun and useful.

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