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Jun 21, 2009


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If I readi it correctly, that piece doesn't indicate Hagan's position on the health co-op notion floated in lieu of a real public option.

About which: If senators fear that a public option would put private health care out of business and propose a co-op as an alternative, aren't they acknolwedging that a co-op plan would be significantly less successful than a real public option?

It would be nice if people in Washington woud be more interested in protecting the health of Americans than in the health of American insurance corporations.

Meanwhile, we have to listen to right-wingers who have spent decades telling us the government can't do anything cheaply and efficiently now exclaim that government-run health plan would be so good, so cheap and so efficient that we'd all abandon private insurers. The hypocrisy is evident, until one realizes that the core value of the right has always been to support the accumulation of wealth and power by the few.


Isn't it nice that the ever more expensive premiums we pay are buying the favor of every member of Congress?
Sen. Hagan needs to be reminded who put her in office.

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