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Jun 25, 2009


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A. Bulluck

He was a tremendous talent and gets a pass from me for everything that happened in his life post-Thriller. I'll never forget dancing to "Rock With You" with my wife on our wedding night. I'll also never forget destroying the Virginia Episcopal School football field back in '99, prior to the homecoming game vs. Blue Ridge School, doing donuts in the school vans and blasting "P.Y.T.," as we destroyed the field and sealed our fate as seniors. And I'm pretty sure we all shared in a tear or two as we drove back "stealth" from the Texas Inn at around 4am, listening to "Human Nature." Good times.

A. Bulluck

A link to some Captain E-O would have been choice.


Children everywhere are a bit safer tonight.


Thanks, Ed. That little boy in the purple hat is who I fell in love with when I was in the fourth grade. I believe I'll post this video too so that I can look back at it.

A. Bulluck

I'm pushing 30, so I wasn't around for Elvis, and I know the media has changed dramatically, but was the outpouring of grief similar? Go to YouTube and it's Jackson Fest. Just about every news and entertainment station has switched format to a memorial to the pop "King."


While I enjoyed Michael Jackson's work, it's important to remember that he is a pedophile and no amount of music can overshadow that.

Speaking of overshadowing, we need to ensure that the media's covering of Jackson's death isn't used by politicans to sneak by damaging legislature, such as Obama about to double our powerbill and raise taxes for everyone who makes under 250K, which I imagine is everyone here. We also can't forget about Iran as well, since that is a voliatle situation we need to take advantage of.

A. Bulluck

Really? He was convicted of pedophilia?

A. Bulluck

Sometimes I wonder why I rejected the Repubs, and then some douche like SteveC comes along and it becomes all too clear.


Still trying to shake the cold water off my clothes.

He was a very very talented man who could have had it all plus some but then went the wrong way down the yellow brick road. It is a sad and tragic story and I always felt a little betrayed because I was a huge fan and I danced and sang and acted out nearly every song from the very first album when he was a skinny little kid who could belt out tunes better than many old veterans. What an entertainer!
He was also a messed up guy. I have no doubt he had serious mental problems and definitely needed to be kept away from children.
But he added a much needed dimension to my young life and I'll never forget those good times while they lasted.

Steve Harrison

"Quick! While the media is distracted over the death of Michael Jackson, we need to nuke Iran! Why are you people wasting time blogging and Facebooking and Tweeting? If we don't take advantage of this situation right now, and I mean right now, we might have to wait another 30 years before Iran's nuke shield is lowered again! Seize the day!"

Ian McDowell

I was never a fan, but did admire his talent. I also admit to long being morbidly fascinated by the pulp novel grotesquerie of his later life. I don't mean the alleged pedophilia, or just it (and to those who say he was never convicted it it, I respond that OJ was never convicted of murder, either), but the way he seemed to transform into an arch villain from some lurid collaboration between Dean Koontz and Andrew Vacchs -- facially disfigured, hugely rich (well, until recent years), palatial fortress, his own private police force, and for a while, his own Oddjob or Frank Nitti in the unsavory person of Anthony "The Pitbull" Pelicano (who allegedly frightened some families into accepting settlements). Then there was the whole Hire-a-South-American-Brujo-to-Sacrifice-Hundreds-of-Animals-and-Put-a-Curse-on-Speilberg-for-Not-Casting-Him-in-HOOK thing. Yikes.

OTOH, I can sympathize with the people who don't want to hear about all that right now. If Jackson's music had meant as much to me as Sinatra's, or Leonard Cohen's, or Tom Waits', or Johnny Cash's, I'd be much more inclined to forgive him his sins and would feel rather pissed at the folks who (like I just did) are bringing all that stuff up right now.


Apparently, some of the commenters here believe things will get better if we just do nothing. Apparently, these commenters never took a history class. Things only get better if we are proactive instead of reactive. Heck, we wouldn't have this opportunity if the Iranians didn't decide to rise up against the system. It's always better to do something than to do nothing.

As for Jackson, again, just because he was never convicted doesn't mean he isn't a pedophile. Mental tastes and desires can't always be defined by legal verdicts. I'll still enjoy "Beat It", however.


Yeah, you can't leave it to the legal system to tell you when someone is guilty of a crime. You have to have someone like SteveC who really knew what was going on and spent a lot of time hanging around the ranch.


Bruce Springsteen said to trust the song, not the singer. It'd be hard to find a better reason than MJ.


So Patrick, the legal system is never wrong and every pedophile out there is behind bars? Either "To Catch A Predator" was far more effective then I realized or you don't know what you're talking about.

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