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Jun 16, 2009


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Tony Wilkins

Hiding behind Roch's words Ed?
Grow some balls and put your well known "white guilt" opinion out there.
While Nelson Johnson tries to rewrite history to suit his needs you and Roch follow right along like two little sheep.
Subpoena power? Any legal authority whatsoever? Investigate 30 years later?
You both make me want to f****** vomit.
Prediction: everybody who disagrees with you two are racist pigs.
Try not to salivate and snort like a bull while you mention I'm a member of the right.
I'm going to stop here before I blow a gasket, hoping that we soon return to some Kumbaya posts.


Tony: you're in that river in England again. Denial. Until you take an oath of allegiance to the new commissarial protocols, you should be banned from any discussion where reason is absent. I know burying the hatchet is difficult when your philosophical opponent is still flailing it, but you should take one for the sake of T&C, in your big white forehead, if needed. This will calm the bloodied waters until someone requires a 9-0 vote for true T&C and a new list of regrets. Regret is the gift that keeps on giving. Get with the program, so we can move backwards, before we go sideways again.

Ed Cone

What a strange comment, Tony.

I do plan to write more about this. I just happened to see the breaking news on the interwebs after spending an evening at the cinema, and thought I'd pass it along.

I'm fine with an expression of regret over the killings in my hometown. I regret the killings, and I think it's clear that the City, which has paid in a civil suit and is charged with the protection of its citizens, has things to regret about that day.

I'm not sure your facts are in order: The Council accepted a recommendation from the City HRC, not the TRC.
I've been critical of the TRC and its report, and supportive of some aspects, too. If you want to blast someone for supporting subpoena power, which I've never endorsed, you might want to start with Mike Barber and Trudy Wade.

I'm not sure what I allegedly feel guilty about, but I'm pretty sure it's not the color of my skin.

Good luck with that gasket thing, and the vomiting, too.

Dave Ribar


You've saved the progressive commenters much valuable time by so thoroughly discrediting your side's position. Thanks!


Ditto Dave.

Tony's comment reminds me of when I used to be an irrational, flaming jerk, though some might say I still am.

Ed Cone

Tony's comments seem to have been written in the heat of the moment.

I think there are factual issues with his remarks, as noted in my response, and I think reducing this to a black/white, progressive/non-progressive issue is not very helpful or accurate. Nor is calling him a jerk.

There are reasons to be cautious about official statements of apology or regret, and there are reasons to be cautious about the TR process as it was conducted.

Reconciliation is a big enough concept to include a lot of folks, including those who are still struggling with it.


"after spending an evening at the cinema..." -- Ed

Real men go to the MOVIES! You limp-wristed, cinemaphiles creeping around in the dark make me want to puke!


not to take anything from Roch and his accolades for the heroic actions of robbie perkins, there are other elected officials who deserve honorable mention:

Ted Kennedy, risking his life to go underwater and mouth the words, "i'm going for help" to a distressed damsel.

George Bush-landing on a carrier with only a jet and a flight suit while tasking his adversaries to bring it on

Howard Coble, with his courageous vote not to audit the Fed

Hilary Clinton, for continuing to wear pantsuits

Marion Barry

Ensign-Utah(R) for refusing to kiss and tell until he was blackmailed by the cuckhold

I know there are others and we can't thank them all. I stand with Roch, my hand in his back pocket, and bring attention to these heroic elected officials.

Ed Cone

Roch, I think "cinema" denotes proper respect for the art of film when one is discussing work of the caliber we viewed last night: "The Hangover."


beez the autistic savant: You must be a comittee. No one person can do what you do. Ensign is from Nevada and you left out several regrets and heroics from elected officials. High Point NC council bravely met in secret on a Saturday a.m. to vote MLK JR day a paid holiday. The Dallas city council regretted the wounding of John Connely in 1963. The Atlanta Ga city council regretted the death of Mary Phagan and the passing of Leo Frank. The city of Richmond regets the massacre of 1862 and the town of Harper's Ferry laments the slaughter of 80 marines and hundreds of militia.

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