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Jun 27, 2009


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Ian McDowell

It actually has virtues beyond the action. I talk about the surprisingly lovey digital cinematography in the review, but forgot to mention the bar scene that pauses for some effective male bonding and genuinely funny comedy. With a bit more polish, this could have come straight from a major Hollywood release (and by that, I mean a GOOD one). I do wish Micah had written a scene that good for Bill Oberst, since he was the best and most professional actor in the cast, but I don't know how long they had him for.

Also, the women in it are quite lovely (several ladies in the audience had a similar reaction to local kung fu teacher Brian Lee, who plays what's essentially the film's Mercutio).


I'm so looking forward to this -- probably either Mon or Tue night, perhaps both.

So no spoilers, y'all.

Ian McDowell

I'm not sure why the link to the trailer at vmeo.com that I originally posted in this no longer works. I've edited the blog entry to replace it with one that does, which is this one.



I met the cast and stunt crew some time back and was very impressed by what I saw. I especially like the stunt crew's attitude, "If it didn't hurt it wasn't good."

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