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Jun 25, 2009


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Andy Coon

Thanks Ed! This film was shot in Greensboro and the surrounding area with local actors and crew. Local filmmaker Micah Moore did a great job shooting and editing, Eric Jacobus and Ray Carbonel from the Stuntpeople, via San Fran., added amazing martial arts skills to the film. Local filmmaker and producer extraordinaire Blake Faucette, worked his tail off making this film go smooth from beginning to end. It is a film that I am proud to be a part of.

Ian McDowell

Plan on seeing it tomorrow night. Micah and Blake apparently found a stunt team who could do fights in the old school Hong Kong (and new school Thai) fashion -- i.e., they actually made contact when they hit, just like Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa (well, probably not "just" like them, but closer than what you'll see in Hollywood films).

And they've got some veteran pros in the cast. Randall Duk Kim is certainly a familiar face, and I recognize the head of the Italian mob in the clips I've seen as having played General Sherman on the History Channel a year or two ago. I'm curious to see how convincing a "Chinatown" they've given Greensboro, with what appears to be mostly Thai and Vietnamese extras (and Thai and Vietnamese restaurants as locations).

Ian McDowell

I just reviewed this in my seldom-used blog (link below, of course). I would say it was the best locally made feature I've seen, but it's better than that would imply, and the digital cinematography is unexpectedly gorgeous. Plus, it's fun to see major asskickings take place at Solaris and M'Couls.

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