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Jun 22, 2009


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The article leaves out the most important Azeri speaker in Iran.....yes boys and girls...the Fearless Supreme Father of All Leaders....His Highneyheadedness...the Dick Cheney of Iran...the Khamenei Hisself is ethnic Azeri. Nader didn't carry his own county and Gore didn't carry his own state. Watching the Western entertainment media cover this election is like reading a treatise on Fermat's Enigma written by Dennis Rodman.

John D. Young

Vigil in Honor of Iranian Dead


What: Vigil to honor Iranian Dead
When: Friday, June 26, 6:30 PM
Where: on the sidewalk at the corner of W. Friendly and Guilford College Rd. by Guilford College
Contact: Persian Cultural Center,, or

Background Info: At the request of both American and Iranian members of our community, the Persian Cultural Center has announced that on Friday, June 26, there will be a silent vigil to honor the dead, and to call for an end to the violence in Iran.

The images that have flooded our televisions and filled our electronic mailboxes have horrified every American household, but especially those with family and friends in the streets of Tehran and other cities where demonstrations have been violently suppressed by the Iranian government.

We invite anyone who is against the violence, disturbed by the recent elections, and supportive of democracy to stand with us as we silently show our support for Iran's fallen innocents.

Participants are encouraged to bring signs that are positive (calling for peace, democracy, and an end to violence and suppression of human rights) and to avoid negative slogans (please no "marg bar... fulon"... this is about bringing violence to an end).

Bring candles if you plan to stay until dark, and bring poetry or instruments if you would like.


over 4000 casualties in the US from riots since 1967. Some injustice was perceived, I assume. When the Great Satan takes you to task over the proper way to worship Demos, the god of the mob, you're a much better pagan when He gets through with you, with liberty and justice for all. Blessed be His Name.

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