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Jun 26, 2009


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Roger Greene

More of the hubris of the baby boomers. "post-neurotic fresh-air sexuality." What a crock of wordiness disguised as sophistication. Boomers act like we discovered sex. Heck, the WWII guys had bare breasts drawn on their airplanes and pictures of Betty Grable showing lots of leg. Then they came home and knocked up a bunch of women to create the baby boomers that brag about sex like they discovered it.

Ed Cone

I think the point of the quote -- which, to be fair, is taken from a Playboy article about a starlet and may not really capture the voice of an entire generation -- is that the '70s saw a new attitude toward sex..

Certainly the views on sex of post-WWII writers such as Roth and Heller and Woody Allen could be described as "neurotic."

I'm not sure how the brave new world of mid-'70s jiggle television was more fresh-air than the '60s; maybe it's that Farrah was part of the first generation to grow come of age after the free love era.

No question that the boomers were and are annoying.

Roger Greene

I wish I still had my Farrah poster from my dorm room.


Hey, as a boomer, I just wanna point ou that every generation acts like they discovered sex. Because they do.


Farrah fought bravely until the end only to get upstaged in the media spotlight by a coward.

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