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Jun 24, 2009


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Summit Cafe. The african-american memorabilia on the wall alone makes it worth the visit. Fuzzy's BBQ in Mayodan - dive, family owned, character - check.

A. Bulluck

Red Lobster


Too bad Grove Street Cafe is gone. Brightwood Inn? Lexington BBQ? Nothing jumps out at me.

Eric Hendrix

If Guy gets to this area he needs to cruise his Camaro up 220N to Roanoke and stop in at the Texas Tavern and the Roanoke Weiner Stand. Nothing better after a late night than a Cheezy Western and a bowl with from the Texas Tavern. No ketchup in that place, only condiment is mustard!!!


Hayble's Hearth, Mayberry, Yum Yum's, Brown Gardner Fountain, Short Sugar's (Reidsville), Cincy's, Jack's Corner, Bianca's, Fisher's, Giacamo's.

Don't know if any of these would qualify as a diner, drive-in or dive, but they're all tastylicious!

Eric Hendrix

Here is the web site for the Texas Tavern. http://www.texastavern-inc.com/ How can you pass up a place where the "3 Stooges" once dined?


Got the same email. Offered up downtown Winston suggestions: Bib's, Skippy's, Krankie's.


Oh! I love that show. Cool that they might be here to do a show.

Ed Cone

I've been to the Texas Inn in Lynchburg, which is explored in this post.


How about a master burger plate at Your House about 2 am

Fec the Terrible

On the continuum of the Food Channel's programming, this guy is a bottom feeder, often dining on sensational and out of the way fare. Save for the idiot with the 12 lb BBQ sandwich, I am unaware of a local venue offering such.


Also got that email from Guy's researchers last night. Suggested Smith Street Diner and the cool little bistro under the church across from A&T (can never remember the name but know how to get there). [Also mentioned that NC without BBQ wasn't complete. BBQ is apparently its own show.]

A. Bulluck

Looks like Texas Tavern is a Texas Inn knock-off. I went up to my tenth high school reunion in Lynchburg two weekends ago and made a trip to the T-Room (Texas Inn) at about 3 in the morning - crackheads/methheads galore. Priceless.

Steve Harrison

I would have to say 223 South Elm St.

Confession: my son Steven works there full time, is attending UNCG full time, and just signed ze papers on a house, er, "full time".

Anyway, the boy needs some tips. Do the right thing.

Britt Whitmire

I tweeted Mr. Fieri and told him that he should DEFINITELY do Pascale's (lovely Italian cum Greek joint) on Mt. Hope Ch. Rd. (exit 132 then right maybe 50 yds)

Britt Whitmire

Parker's BBQ in Kernersville; VERY UNDERRATED

Doug H

+1 on the Skippy's, Esbee.

Bill Bush

Country Bar-b-que on Wendover for the breakfast pork tenderloin biscuit, or the lunch chopped dark sandwich or tray.

Eric Hendrix

The Texas Tavern in Roanoke pre dates the Texas Inn in Lynchburg.

"In 1930 the Texas Tavern was born in Roanoke Virginia. Later in time, an identical Texas Tavern was built in Lynchburg Virginia. The Lynchburg Texas Tavern was torn down in the late 1970’s. The identical Texas Tavern building in Lynchburg was never rebuilt, but it was reborn in a new location with a new name. Today, the Texas Inn sits proudly on a cliff that overlooks the James River. Just like the original Texas Tavern in Roanoke, they both seat a thousand people ten at a time and they both have limited parking. Today, the main difference between the Tavern and the Inn is that the Lynchburg Texas Inn has a bathroom and it’s closed on Sunday. The Roanoke Texas Tavern is open 24hours a day seven days a week and it only closes on Christmas Day. The Texas Inn is also open 24hours. Another thing they share besides the "Cheesy Western" is their amazing hotdogs. The dogs are grilled, the buns are steamed, and they are topped with mustard, onions, chili, and an incredible relish. You won’t find a better late night snack!"


I watch DD&D every single week and if there's a place in the Triad that deserves to be on the show, I'd love to hear about it, cause nothing in Greensboro I know of meets the criteria. The closest place I know of is Penguin in Charlotte. Anyone been there? Any place in the Triad that has lines out the door every day of the week no matter what time of day? That's the kind of place they are looking for.


Country BBQ on Wendover. For Breakfast, best biscuits in the triad ...!

Eric Hendrix

Greensboro lost its two classic drive-ins, The Boar & Castle and Bob Pettys Oakwood Drive-in back in the late 70's and early 80's. There is an office complex where The Boar & Castle once stood on W. Market and The Toys R Us on High Point Rd. is built on the site of Bob Pettys Drive-in. There was nothing like cruising out to Bob Pettys for the best BBQ and Hush Puppies in town and having it delivered to your car along with an ice cold can of beer. Those were the days.


what-a-burger(artwork honorable mention)

sanitary cafe

Preston Earle

What he said. Especially about the hushpuppies. I didn't go to Bob Petty's often, but the hushpuppies were so good (and different--light and yeasty, not heavy) that I still long for them 30 years later.


I would think that Cook Out should qualify under Guy's format.


I suggest PB's takeout in Winston-Salem.

Mick Riggs

Short Sugar's in Rville
Tex and Shirleys

Yum Yum and Biff Burger would be cool.

Have seen the show. Watch it now and again.

Bottom Feeder seems harsh.

Fec the Terrible

Bottle blond vs. Giada. Perhaps pedestrian is a better description.

Roger Greene

"We are looking for restaurants that serve fresh, made from scratch, homemade interesting food. It is always helpful if the restaurant is family owned and has been around for a while and has some character."

If that's the criteria, K&W ought to be included. They do fresh and from scratch recipes and I don't see any of those listed above that does that completely. I'm not sure how some of the above listed fall in the listed parameters. I wouldn't feed Whataburger to my dog. I don't know what they actually make from scratch. And yes, Country Barbeque tenderloin biscuits are the best.


Ed... I can testify of my mother's life... you will be respected if you send them to Johnson's.... it is... (as I'm a fan of the show) exactly what they're looking for... The other one I would recommend (other then the obvious "Greensboro Metro" locations) is Kidds.

Of course my vote for inner city stuff is Biff Burger... though I can't ever see them doing an interview of that place.... Country BBQ on Wendover.... which might work well, and definitely Jan's....

Ian McDowell

Beef Burger, definitely, and of course Greensboro has some excellent taquerias (and carnecerias with taco windows or stands inside), but I fear the authentic Mexican (and Vietnamese) places we're blessed with may not jibe with their conception of tarheel food. Tell me more about United House of Prayer, of which I know nothing.

Ed Cone

Liv -- thnx for those suggestions -- the producer has a link to this comment thread.

Ian -- UHOP is the church at the corner of E. Market and Dudley, just east of the recently-demolished post office building. The church runs a restaurant called Madison Kitchen (door faces Market St). It's what people used to call soul food. The corn bread is superb. The tea is so sweet your teeth will hurt.

Fec the Terrible

As a native of Liberty, I concur with Liv's nomination of Kidd's, which continues curb service. The cheese dog is marvelous. Of course, I've been banned there since 1987 for knocking out a curbman who made an unkind comment about my mother right after my Dad died.

The proprietor of Johnson's in Siler City beats his wife and deserves no further notoriety.


UHOP is delicious but clean as can be, therefore lacking the greasy spoon ambiance so necessary for compelling TV.

Johnson's, on the other hand, is right out of Central Casting. I believe the regulars use the back door to get in line without jostling the crowd.

Ed Cone

Mightn't the purple furniture, table reserved for the pastor, and neckbones on the menu make up for UHOP's unfortunate cleanliness?

Jack Heath

Oakley's Citgo
2678 NC 89 Hwy E
Walnut Cove, NC, US

Simply massive burgers, cooked from scratch, and loaded with everything for like $2. Looks like a gas station, you go inside and three really nice ladies cook you fresh anything you want. Seriously, worth the drive.

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