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Jun 29, 2009


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Ian McDowell

That's fascinating. I'd never made the connection between Jughead's hat and Goober Pyle's before, or realized that the beanie worn by Leo Gorcey in ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES was a predecessor. I remembered Goldblume as one of the vicious thugs who assaults Bronson's family in DEATH WISH, but forgotten than he wore a hat like that.

The evolution of the hat, from a signifier of youthful high spirits to one of teenaged deviance, is interesting, although only briefly touched on in that article. That may be one reason why Harvey Kurtzman and Bill Elder portrayed "Bottleneck" as a stubbly hood with a switchblade in their infamous 1950s MAD parody (back when MAD was a comic book and genuinely subversive), which led to a longrunning feud between E.C. Comics publisher William Gaines and ARCHIE publisher John Goldwater.


Roger Greene

Jeff Goldblum may not be dead, but his acting always has been. He'd make playing dead in a cowboy movie look duller than it really is.

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