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May 21, 2009


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That's too funny.

There is mention of it in an article posted 16 minutes ago (according to Google) titled "Colleton Crossing rejected."

The last of the sixteen paragraphs:

"In other town business, the board approved revolving loan fund applications for both The Carrboro Citizen and The Kind Coffee. The Citizen will receive a $50,000 loan, while The Kind Coffee will receive $57,000. The town’s revolving loan fund, established in 1986, provides low-interest loans to local businesses."


Typepad eaten url:

Kirk Ross

We figured the issue had been pretty well covered by our competitors.

Also, the lead editorial (in the print edition)

Kirk Ross

Damn typepad't-believe-the-hype/

Ed Cone

I've alerted TypePad about the disappearing-link problem. It was sporadic, now it's constant.

I know I put a link in this comment (just in case: -- I tested it after it published. A day later, it was gone.


Guys, what's wrong with entering a carriage return in the URL so at least the reader can copy and paste into a browser address box ?


If this comment is not italicized and this word is not bold, then Typepad is stripping out other HTML tags as well. (The italics and bold were present in preview, let's see what happens when posted.)

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