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May 23, 2009


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What are we doing, Johnny LaRue bits here? "I'm not drunk, either."


Well, as has been pointed out elsewhere, the interesting thing is that Fetzer thinks being called gay merits a libel suit, not just a correction. Guess it depends on whch circles you run in.


Whew! What I relief. I spent all year worrying that he might be gay and now I know that he's totally like not. Thank goodness that's settled.

Britt Whitmire

That's my old boss, Paul Knight at Sea-Comm, a true asshole if there ever was one. I hope that Mr. Fetzer (ahem) SUES THE EVER-LOVING SHIT OUT OF SEA-COMM, WRIGHT, AND WWAY.

See, that's karma.

Jeffrey Sykes

The chairman's race for NCGOP has become a ridiculous mudslinging affair. Just visit the anonymous forum at Talking About Politics and read a few of the threads there.

I've always been a member of the party, but an activist for only a couple of years.

It is a very sorry state of affairs and very discouraging.

I'm hoping Chad Adams wins the race and brings a more solutions oriented approach to the position.


"Well, as has been pointed out elsewhere, the interesting thing is that Fetzer thinks being called gay merits a libel suit, not just a correction. Guess it depends on whch circles you run in."

Somehow I doubt you would feel the same way if the rumor was about Obama or Kay Hagan, or you.


Jeffrey, the NC GOP has been dysfunctional for many, many years which is why I no longer participate in party activities. Hopefully, this will change soon, but until then- count me out.

Britt Whitmire

Any speculation on the potential outcome of this potential lawsuit, counselor?


The standard is a "reckless disregard for the truth", and it seems to me that by republication of an item without ascertaining it's veracity, the station has put itself in a tough situation. The real issue seems to be damages.



Obama would think being called gay is a good joke, as would the vast majority of people who voted for him. I don't know if Kay Hagan would care or not, but I somehow doubt it. Gay or not gay simply isn't a big issue on the left. That's why this is so hilarious.

Britt Whitmire

Obama is a MARXIST gay, which means he wants all the gay bars and bath houses to be in the hands of the federal government. he also wants the government to subsidize Clay Aiken tix.


James, you dismiss political reality way too easily. If someone clearly intended that the public believe that Obama or Hagan were gay, you can bet that both of them would vehemently deny it.

As for duality, Hagan has no leeway. Remember how she wasn't going to run for Senate and then got back in when the only Democratic candidate was a gay man? Who talked her in to that? Sorry, but when an actual gay man did run for public office it was the Democrats who ran for cover.


Right one the second point, wrong on the first.

I don't think anyone would vehemently deny anything. They'd laugh it off. They'd say, "I'm not gay, but what if I were? Would that mean the work I'm doing is irrelevant or somehow less important? This is not an issue."

And if they were especially bold, they might add: "For the life of me, I can't understand why you're obsessed with this?"

Steve Harrison

"republication of an item"

LOL! Now I have a new term for when Republicans bring up an old subject and add a conservative spin to it. :)


Initially, you may be right. But when/if the rumor takes hold, I suspect that the aforementioned would respond in the same way.


i read his denial, but he didn't mention whether the person he was rumored to have eloped with was a man or a woman. his clothes had to come from GOP gays are usually bus station bandits, dark blue suits and non-nurturing types, unless they're hired to ask the really tough questions at White House press conferences. My wife claims to have gaydar. She says the fellow is just a dandy...he prefers himself to either sex.


I think the proper term is "asexual narcissism".


Public figures have to show that alleged defamation was committed with actual malice, and truth is an absolute defense. I expect the discovery about Tom's social life during the years he worked in Washington and his vacation habits would be pretty interesting. This lawsuit, if there ever is one, but more likely just the threatening letter, is a short-term political tactic.

Ed Cone

Britt, it's interesting to see your personal grudge trumps your caution about suing media figures. Be careful when you invoke karma on stuff like this.

Britt Whitmire

All right. All right.

It goes back to my longstanding point on karma. We seem to think the universe is "getting back" on our enemies when they get kicked. Who is to say that the universe is not richly rewarding them when they are doing well? It all depends on your mindset. If it fits, we tend to give it credence.

Having said that, I remember a pic of Fetzer that the N&O ran prominently when he was mayor and it featured him lip-smacking an attractive LPGA golfer after a successful putt.

Some media figures deserve to be sued when they behave recklessly. (Is any of this admissible, Sam?)


Are you sure the golfer was straight, Britt?

I was going to say what Ed said about a radio guy knowing how easy it is to get axed over something said on the air and therefore not wishing such a thing on his enemies. You never know what end of the karma you'll be on. But the revenge factor is universally understood. I'll bet O'Reilly would love for Olbermann to get his ass sued for something he said on the air and vice versa.

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