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May 28, 2009


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That's exactly what I thought during the Alito, Thomas and Estrada hearings. Those cable news stations are really biased.

Fred Gregory


News & Record


Letter to the editor

Gutter attack against Estrada uncalled for

Two years ago, President Bush nominated Miguel Estrada to serve as a federal
appellate judge. Although there are more than 50 votes in the U.S. Senate to
confirm Mr. Estrada, Sen. John Edwards and most of his fellow Democrats are now
blocking the roll call by using a partisan filibuster.
Edwards and others in his party are also demanding internal memos created by
Estrada while working in the U.S. Solicitor General's office. This is a phony
issue. Seven former solicitor generals (Democrat and Republican) have said that
it would be wrong to surrender these privileged executive documents to the
legislative branch.
Recently Sen. Edwards publicly suggested that Mr. Estrada was nominated only
because "he has the right last name.'' That is the most despicable and
shameless remark yet in this debate. It was really beyond the pale to inject
race into the discussion, but I suppose that, when you are neck-and-neck with
Dennis Kucinich in the presidential popularity polls, desperate measures are
called for.
l am, however, confident that the American people will not tolerate that type
of gutter attack on a good man who was chosen for his exceptional
qualifications and for no other reason.

Fred Gregory


So, are we condemning the same behavior now?


A) The same behavior that Fred writes about is NOT occurring now.
B) I think the point is that many people complaining now were missing in action then. In other words, they are...drumroll please...hypocrites.

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