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May 28, 2009


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I think Maher has gotten old pretty fast in general. I probably share most of his opinions on issues, including religion, but there's something about his style that has grown offensive to me. I guess maybe I'm becoming an old softy.


Bill Maher, offensive? James, you are becoming an ol' softy.

Steve Harrison

If I were Pontius Pilate, and this was sometime during the latter part of that 27 years when nobody knew what date it was, I would stand up on my really high balcony beside Bill Maher and Dennis Miller, and say to the Jerusalem mob, "Which one of these painfully obnoxious and self-absorbed entertainers do you want me to free?" And then I would throw their choice off the balcony, and send the other guy off to be crucified. Which I would probably go and watch, unless there was something really good on cable.


Steve: I haven't laughed at anything in days. Great sucker question....Thanks


Steve;s got it. All that needs to be said about both Maher and Miller is that they used to be funny.

I'm like James. I probably agree with Maher on most issues. But, boy, is he ever one of those ""with friends like that who needs enemies" people.


I know. The minute Maher started directing the least bit of criticism at Obama, my love affair was over. I mean who does he think he is?


I enjoy Maher except when he gets on the topics of healthcare and religion. On those two, he's just way out there.

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