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May 10, 2009


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except for the electrical fixtures and parking lot size, this could be a photo of any number of rusting, vacant buildings between Moscow and St Petersburg. Maybe a metaphor for the socialist-style squeeze, where life is taken from the creditworthy and distrbuted to the dead, such as AIG, Fannie Mae a number of banks.

The young man, with color and life left in his clothing and skin, looks forward but sideways to a future of assigned debt and uncertainty, on a platform supported by a rubber relic of the productive past, the wheel.


I really like this bldg, and until today I thought that the Print Works had been torn down. Any preservationists out there wanting to save it?

Thanks to LS for doing such a great job with a really interesting subject.


Actually, the same developer who saved Revolution is planning to start work saving Print Works in the very near future.

Print Works is the Cone Mills plant I briefly worked in at the ripe old age of 18 until I made up my mind that mill life was not for me.

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