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May 26, 2009


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I guess important is in the eye of the beholder. I've noticed that the great majority of software developers (i.e., math wizards) advancing panoramic photography hail from Germany, the Netherlands and Russia. And don't forget Fahrvergn├╝gen.


>> a single important invention of the contemporary era that originated in Europe.

The "contempory era", eh? Tht would suggest that lots of important inventions came from Europe in its pre-democratic monarchical state.

Oh well.

But, I doubt your caller would acknowledge all those evil socialist Europeans were democratic, even if they voted for the stuff.


Hmm. Some benevolent editor fixed my busted brackets in the comment above. Just shows why we'll always need editors.

Fred Gregory

For the record ..I didn't call Ed today (-:

Jus' so ya know.


We've had people stop us on the street, and try to argue with us over something on greensboring.... I'm like.... It's just a blog! Calm down! People take "my" freedom of speech as way to of a personal offense sometime.

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