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May 29, 2009


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Ed, at your TSOT links, is there supposed to be some audio there? I see a written synopsis and some blank space that looks like it might be to accommodate a media player, but no media.

Ed Cone

They usually post audio a few hours after the broadcast, but I guess with the whole team on the road they are running a bit behind.


Allen Johnson would pave over downtown High Point if he needed to build a runway, and he'd tell High Point it shouldn't have been built so close to an airport.

I was fighting this hub in 1999-2000, trying to protect my home and my town. and he was telling us the benefits would be huge, and would come quickly. Well, ten years later, where are the benefits? There are none. But he's still out there making empty promises and trying to silence people who want nothing but answers and some proof that their government has taken their concerns seriously. China builds mega projects this way - get put of the way, the government has dictated that a lake will flood your village. This is not the way we are supposed to do things here.

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