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May 23, 2009


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Good for you Ed. I had a similar conversation with a TW sales rep who tried to sell me internet phone for the Iconfactory. I told them as long as TW is considering introducing tiered pricing I'll be considering finding another internet provider and no, I don't want their digital phone service. She tried to convince me that such structures were years away but like you, I told her I didn't believe her and I wanted her to note in her records I had said so.

Very satisfying to say the least.


I had a Time-Warner guy actually come to my front door a couple of days ago to try to sell me ... well, something; I didn't really give him the opportunity to get it out of his mouth.

And this guy also said "Can you educate me?" re tiered pricing.


Have merchants considered shoppers do not want to feel they are being 'metered' to shop? I just spent 2 hours looking for rugs online. Who keeps a taxi waiting on the meter while they window ship? Has Time Warner considered vendors?

Doug H

I'm getting more and more aggravated at how often I get "This channel is not available right now. Please try again later" on the HD channels. I was on the phone to them, caught in that annoying system where you have to speak, not punch in, your responses to their prompts, when the channel came back.

I wish there was a way to send them partial payment with a note that the remainder is not available "right now" due to their channels not being available when I wanted to watch them.


Doug, I had to switch all of my TiVo's season passes back from the HD channels to standard channels because of the "Not available now" errors on the TW HD channels. Entire shows just weren't being recorded.

I agree with your thoughts 100%


Bravo Ed!... I think I have my old telephone number on file with them thank goodness... but I'll stick with earthlink like you until they get with the program. Too bad a local entrepreneur couldn't come in as a competitor and rent the lines like earthlink. I'd much rather support a "local" than TWC or Earthlink, as would most people I think....

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