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May 31, 2009


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This will be great for everyone with a dog in this fight, except Michael Vick. These are the new Vichy States of America, where everyone is a resistance fighter or a collaborator. Firing squads and summary executions will be the new waterboarding debate. Was the doctor not a ticking timebomb until the next abortion? What if the shooter was listening to the same Voice which told Bush to invade Iraq? Will Obama pardon the doctor posthumously(along with the Enron guy). There will be more to come from the Vichy States of America in the Obamanation in the Bushworld already in flames.


Police have arreted a suspect, but haven't confirmed what everyone is assuming: That this was an ideological assassination. If and when that happens, it will be interesting to watch which personalities on the right find a reason to defend, justify or excuse this bit of American terrorism.

if Tiller's had been killed by a guy carrying the Koran, we know how the right would react.


The killer may not have been carrying a copy of the Koran, but I can just about guarantee that he would otherwise feel right at home with the Taliban.


Yeah, damn those people on the Right. They really do cause all of the world's problems. I am waiting for Ed to come forward and condemn your comment blaming a nebulous "Right" as "not the common ground" he "was seeking in last weeks column" for blaming a nebulous "Right".

By the way, I think you will be sorely disappointed waiting for people "on the Right" to defend this.

He didn't condemn Sotomayor racist comments, although I am quite certain he would have been outraged if a white man said the same thing, a double standard that is a great example of the "team sport" mentality that prevents finding the "common ground" he claims to seek.

The moral of the story is that Ed's search for "common ground" is b.s. and will remain that way until he starts applying standards equally.


Sorry about the crappy editing.


Continually amazed that every single thread that Sam ever comments on comes down to Ed, his blog and Sam's perception of a lack of admission of some kind of guilt.

Can we not get past this PLEASE?


The ends justify the means, unless you are on the other side. We think we are above this, but none of us are.


A man was murdered at *church!* Do we not find this abhorrent no matter which way we vote?


Links compiled at Kos -- and absent official confirmation, I, for one, take the source with a big lump of salt -- suggest that the suspect is indeed a product of the violent right.

Dave Neiwert offers some perspective.

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