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May 31, 2009


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Who issued the building permits?


PS, Robbie, I want to be mayor so bad, Perkins' shock and dismay at the whole situation makes me want to puke.


Guilford County in the county. City of GSO in city limits and annexed areas.


And the slight undertone to the article and its mini-sidebar article is why are we still so dead set on building something that came out of a plan in 1948? In our compulsion to complete the loop are we forgetting to ask whether it is truly necessary? We are at risk for non-attainment for air quality, yet we (with the help of the state) will be building a freeway to exacerbate this problem and be at risk of losing federal funds for other projects. The new transportation funding bill will highligh funding for "signature" projects - is building something we thought a good idea 60 years ago a "signature" project. We should save ourselves some money now by abandoning the idea of completing the loop from 29 to Lawndale. The only cost estimates we have now will be proven to be low and the pending lawsuits will only delay construction more than it is currently delayed. It's time someone in leadership raises the question about the wisdom of burying our head in the sand and letting this saga play out to its tragic end.

Fec the Terrible


RE Perkins: It is my sincere belief that had he been able to herd the real estate cats effectively, this might not have happened.


I worked my way through an interested thread at a photography site today about caveat emptor Specifically, does acceptance of that notion absolve sellers of all responsibility for fairness and honesty? The consensus: No.

Roger Greene

I like the comment from Perkins indicating his concern for Lake Jeannette area homeowners. His lack of concern, as demonstrated by his past actions, for other neighborhoods is implied.

"We live in a city and a county where politics are dominated by the real estate industry." Truer words were never spoken. The tilted field they have enjoyed for years has lead us to this pending fiscal/property owner's disaster. The loss of major corporate leadership, leaving us with the Jim Melvinites, has cost us dearly.


nice try. politics is dominated by voters. what happens after they get their sticker for casting their ballot for pagan fatalsim is anyone's guess. Too late for a recall now.


They all have their TREBIC CARTEL BLINDERS ON especially Dick Hails and the Greensboro Planning Department . Just look at how the Greensboro City Council handled the Protest Petition for Greensboro even till the end they were bending over at the knees to compromise with Marlene Sanford and the TREBIC CARTEL , need we say more.

Dick Hails says this

"The regulations would require developers to more carefully design neighborhoods next to the loop, said Dick Hails, city planning director.

The proposal, which should be ready for City Council scrutiny this summer, would let developers choose among noise-reducing techniques such as building protective walls or locating garages and parking lots between new houses and the interstate.

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution,” Hails said."

Hey Dick it is too late for that why didn't you do this back when they were building the houses, wow amazing .


Just remember: This is the same city council that plans to use federal stimulus money to extend E Cone Blvd. through the White Street Landfill. Eventually all of Greensboro will suffer to pay for their downtown gambles-- which, by the way, continue to fail miserably.

Ed Cone

Downtown is failing miserably?

News to me. I've worked downtown for 18 years, and the progress on almost every front looks pretty remarkable to me.


Ed wrote: "I've worked downtown for 18 years, and the progress on almost every front looks pretty remarkable to me."

That's because the tax base is currently supporting downtown. With the economy in recession taxpayers are going to revolt and pull the plug. Watch as the alcohol fueled restaurants and clubs crumble.


Bill, you ought to see the plug being pulled in Charlotte.

Ed Cone

"The tax base is currently supporting downtown." Not sure what this means. Downtown restaurants and clubs may suffer in a recession, but people are using their own money there, not tax dollars.

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