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May 27, 2009


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Football season will be here soon. Not soon enough, but soon.


Post MJ? You mean Magic Johnson, right? Because that is when I stopped watching.

Jeffrey Sykes

This year's playoffs have actually been interesting to watch. With KG being out, Boston was vulnerable and the Magic did what the baby Bulls could not. Rose put on one hell of a show before being ousted by the Celtics.

As a fan of the power game, watching Dwight Howard mature in prime time brings notions of a young Wilt Chamberlain.

Out west, my Lakers are doing their thing. But I find myself not really hating on the Nuggets because Carmello Anthony is a great young player, and with Kenyon Martin and Billups on the team, they actually have a strong nucleus.

Suffering through the Duncan years and that style of defense and half-court motion was hard to do. But with so many young players going head to head this year, the playoffs have held my attention more so than in the recent past.

I still love this game.

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