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May 30, 2009


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Steve Harrison

I guess that makes me the last. I'll stick with good ole straight-up Bollywood. Rangeela rocks. :)


Nope, Steve, you can't be the last one to see it because I have yet to see it. I've also not yet seen Titanic and don't plan on ever seeing it. I know how it ends. The boat sinks and people die.


when i'm looking for a flic, it has a chance of tickling my fancy if the reviews vary A+ to D- and nothing in between. Little Miss Sunshine comes to mind. If I want a hero, I'll read Joseph Campbell. I like my characters flawed. I'll go along with class struggle for a few minutes, but the strugglers must have no class or redeeming qualities. The Aristocrats(Penn Gillette) was the most important film ever made.

Ed Cone

Geez, Kim -- you're supposed to write SPOILER ALERT before giving away the end of a movie like that.


I've never understood the point of scathing reviews. It doesn't bother me in politics, seems fair enough there. But in movies? I wish reviewers would just write about stuff they like.


PS No, this isn't because I just received a bad review. I'm lucky that hasn't happened. This is a thought I've had for 20 years.


Sometimes writing a bad review can be even more energizing than writing a good one. OTOH, some review subjects can be so bad that they suck all the life and soul out of you, leaving you dreading even the first glance at the keyboard. It just depends.

Also have not seen Slumdog Millionaire.

Ed Cone

One reason people review movies (and books, etc) is to tell other people whether or not to invest their time and money in the experience.

As Beez said above, a terrible review can be a recommendation, and vice versa, depending on the source -- I notice that my tastes are often 180 degrees different than Scott Card's, for example. He writes fluently and enjoyably about what he likes, and doesn't like, and I just flip positive to negative to guesstimate my own response.

In this case, the review of Slumdog is more like literary criticism -- it questions modes of storytelling, politics in art, and so on. I disagree with much of it, including the conclusion about the film-watching experience itself, but it was thought-provoking and entertaining.


life is but a dream. Sh-boom, sh-boom.
I enjoyed the movie.

Britt Whitmire

The movie was tremendous and the scenes of India looked fantastic in HD (minus the Mumbai ghetto stuff), but we were eating when the kid was covered in shit, so that was tough.


that ought to cover it

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