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Apr 30, 2009


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Sounds like another bunch of testicle-munchers to me.


You had previously referenced a bill filed in the State Senate, Ed. The A of P is seeking support for its House equivalent, one of the primary sponsors is Greensboro's own Earl Jones.

For what it's worth, the bill may actually have some worthwhile provisions. Would we really want municipal internet access being subsidized by water or garbage fees? It goes way too far though, tacking on so many onerous provisions that its clear and unacceptable intention is to keep development of infrastructure out of the hands of cities and with no recourse for capricious private enterprise.


Americans for Prosperity actually ARE one of the organizers of the Tea Party anti-government rallies.

Dallas Woodhouse runs Americans for Prosperity in North Carolina. This guy is real winner. He refers to himself as "Civil Rights Leader" because he has fought to preserve the right of bosses to dictate how workers form a union.

More on Dallas and AFP here:


BTW Ed, Joe, Roch, Sue and Ged:

Go do a Speedtest on your TWC line. They just did a stealth upgrade on all standard users. I am getting 17mbps plus.
If you google this, you will find a link on DSL Reports that users in Austin, Rochester and Greensboro got a "pre-cap" boost. The point that is constantly overlooked is that TWC holds the keys to the DOCSIS upgrade that could deliver 100mbps. Intrepid reporters please research!

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