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Apr 14, 2009


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I get the most basic T-W cable package, the bottom of the barrel. Every so often I scan the program listings and ask if I'd pay to watch any of 'em. The answer is no.

Likewise, every so often, T-W calls me to pitch buying into a larger selection. When I say no, they ask why. When I tell the caller there's nothing on that I want to watch, they seem genuinely confused, as if their script povides no response to that. I may, just to be annoying, suggest that I might be willing to subscribe to a couple channels on an ´a la carte basis.

It's only TV, people.


"The customer service would shame Stalin."
Nice to see that 's still used as an insult.

Personally, I've always found TW cable to give great customer service, esp for internet issues.


TW's service has been top-notch based on my experience in other places. Doesn't mean I even begin to get the tiered internet pricing issue...uses too many brain cells. Thank goodness you all get it.


CP, over here in Wake my experience with T-W's internet customer service has been just fine for a couple of years because I haven't had to call them.

Before that, they were Number One on my voodoo doll list. Frequent downtime from storms and construction. Their reps wouldn't get off the script and often insisted that nothing was wrong because the outage didn't yet appear on their screen. More than once, I was given a "special" number to call for "really quick" service. Turned out to be T-W's national desk, who just said "Huh?" and transferred the call back to the local shop.

Worst of all, everyone kept apologizing but not doing anything. Man, I hate that.

Plus, they had this moronic phone system that forced callers to key in their phone number, only to be asked by the rep for the phone number.

The downtimes were never very long, so that side of customer service has always been good.


Well, it is very complicated. Don't worry about it, dear.

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