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Apr 27, 2009


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Cmon Dr. Doom. Sure there was an internet bubble, but think about the state of computers 20 years ago. I used Prodigy on a 2400 dial-up modem. You have cell-phones and optical networking. The dot-coms died quickly but there are still lots of very strong US based tech companies. Moore's law can't hold forever though...

I think one future driver will be energy efficiency. A difference between that and tech is I don't think the US has an edge in energy efficiency.

Jim Buie

Alternative energies will be one driver of the next boom. I vote for integrated medicine, predictive medicine, electronic medical records, "patient empowerment" via the Internet and far greater health consciousness as the next great growth industry. It's not yet clear whether this simply means far more efficient use of health care dollars or will be part of a global boom. But it bears watching.

It's not too difficult, once the current recession bottoms out, to embrace economic optimism for the long haul.


Growth the last 25 years wasn't growth. What happened is called consumption. Growth does not occur in a credit based economy. Only consumption occurs.

"Let me explain. No, let me sum up." ~ Inigo Montoya

We've all had an inlaw who took out a loan and started to pay off the loan with another loan. He gets another loan somewhere else then he pays on the second loan. This goes on and on, but we know he's doomed and he finally crashes and moves into our basement or RV.

"Deficit financing" is the term the government uses when they become your inlaw.


at least during the i-boom we got reasonably good fibre-optic infrastructure. in the tax-cut/low-interest rate boom, we got nothing (except some crappy houses in NV/AZ/FL that no-one wants)


beeleze - please describe the computer you use to comment, and the internet connection the comment got delivered on. From the telegraph (you could even go back to the mail system & further back to the printing press), to the phone, and on, communications are one of major advancements throughout.

Maybe your car has anti-lock brakes, air-bags or an electronic engine controller. Embedded electronics and pure computation are real advancements.

Had an MRI, CT or ultrasound scan lately? Advancements in medical imaging, while costly, can greatly enhance medical outcomes.

The idea that we don't have more of those things, and the world is in general a wealthier place, is insane.

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