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Apr 01, 2009


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Kirk Ross

amen to that

Steve Harrison

This may be slightly off-topic, or even counterproductive to the spirit of the post, but I have developed a distaste for the purveyance of what most people define as "news". That goes for print/electronic media as well as a lot of the blogs out there. It's...probably a personal foible thing, so don't attach too much significance to it.

Okay, let me try to explain it a little better: the fantastic information age that we live in has conditioned people to demand their news be fast but brief (because they have so much other information they want fast and brief). The problem is, the real meaning behind those news "snacks" is often lost. How many times have you read a deeper analysis of something that happened six months or six years ago, and you came to the conclusion that you had learned less than nothing at the time the story "broke"?

This is one of the reasons my blogging is so erratic. If I can't write something that (I think) will expose something that most readers don't already know, or make them think/care about something they didn't really think/care about before, what's the point? If you can strike a chord that causes a person to slow down long enough to contemplate, you have done something.

It may be an infrequent occurrence, and something to be scoffed at by those who bring us the news every day. But when it happens, and the words flow, it's magical.

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