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Apr 26, 2009


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"I was grateful to a commenter at my Web site who came out and said he supported water boarding as a deterrent to terrorists."

Somebody said that?

Dillard Moss

Re: Time Warner backlash, "legislation (is) now under consideration in Raleigh... (to) ban municipal broadband networks"

Given the variety of services delivered by wires and pipes connected to private residences in NC already regulated in the public interest: Why not pass legislation to place Internet Service Providers under the same State Utilities Commission regulatory authority as monopolistic / oligopolistic providers of those other disparate residential services? IMHO, THAT would be in the best interest of the public.


It seems to me that it wouldn't be that hard for someone with the technical knowledge of how it is done to start a co-op, for profit or non-profit wireless broadband service in a city the size of Greensboro.

And even if the price were slightly higher than Time-Warner I'd buy into it just to help David take the giant down.


How many times can I mention Carolina?? I'm starting to think you are related to Anoop Desai of American Idol!! Could UNC-CH ask for a better PR person?

Tony Wilkins

EC: "We need to prevent terrorist attacks, but we also need to maintain some standards of behavior, even when we're dealing with bad guys."
This statement reminded me of an incident on the playground in high school. Two boys had a disagreement and decided to fight. When the reluctant aggressee put his dukes up to fight he said, "alright now, no kicking or biting". The aggressor immediately kicked him in his coconuts. When he bent over to protect them against further harm the aggressor then bit a part of his ear off. The fight was over before it got started but the whipped boy got congratulations for fighting the right way.
There's a moral to that story somewhere.


Japanese soldiers, who were trying to protect their homeland, were hanged for performing torture on US prisoners. Should they be posthumously pardoned or expunged. The Japanese torture was such a deterrent to the US that they melted Nagasaki and Hiroshima with a crude nuclear device.

Tony, that wasn't the first or the last ear you bit off over a damsel's dignity, or lack of.

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