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Apr 15, 2009


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Excellent point.

Joe Killian

A protest is now planned for Saturday outside the Greensboro TWC office, to run simultaneously with a protest in Rochester.



Will there be teabags at the protest? Drums?


An especially anti-competitive reason why TWC wants these ridiculously low data caps:

From their recently filed 10-K report:

"Technological advancements, such as video on demand, new video formats and Internet streaming and downloading, have increased the number of media and entertainment choices available to consumers and intensified the challenges posed by audience fragmentation.

The increasing number of choices available to audiences could negatively impact not only consumer demand for the Company’s products and services, but also advertisers’ willingness to purchase advertising from the Company’s businesses.

If the Company does not respond appropriately to further increases in the leisure and entertainment choices available to consumers, the Company’s competitive position could deteriorate, and its financial results could suffer."

Full Document Here:


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