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Apr 05, 2009


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If the idea behind the new TWC rate plan is to avoid having those 86 percent low-use customers "subsidizing" the high-use customers, then shouldn't the rates for that 86 percent be dropping *drastically*, since they no longer need to subsidize anyone? I would think the low-end 5GB plan shouldn't be much more than $5 a month ($1 per GB, right?), if that was really the reason for all this.

Patrick Eakes

I was out most of Saturday, but I found a TW sales rep's biz card in my door when I got home. It was marked "Call back for important information."

Gotta wonder if the end game is to get customers to sign up for a two-year contract to lock in rates and take the customers away from the competition.

I use Earthlink, which comes over the TW cable. No word from them yet on any price structure changes.


If you use Earthlink, doesn't your bill come from Time Warner? I'm an Earthlink customer and my bill is from Time Warner. I fully expect to be hit by the same pricing scheme as RoadRunner customers. If Verizon can rapidly deploy their fiber optic service, now's the time. They'd make a killing.


Am hoping that including VoIP into bandwidth limits might involve the FTC. (Or more laboriously, the city council [see "leadership"], which has totally lost my respect with 4 days of total silence since this erupted. Conversely, the Austin elected officials are very vocal and support their citizens. My vote shall be my vote.

Patrick Eakes

I do get my Earthlink bill through TW, but I don't expect that invoice amount to rise automatically. I believe the lease rate TW charges Earthlink is regulated by the state utilities commission, so I am hopefuly TW can't screw Earthlink the way they are screwing their own customers.


If the average familiy that's just doing email and the web gets a big rate hike from T-W, there's a good chance they'll cancel their T-W cable feed to free up the cash..

Access to TV isn't as important as access to the net.

Certainly expect to see a more junk mail offering bargain DHL sign-up rates.


I'm chatting with Earthlink right now in hopes they will respond to Ed's previous thread


Please don't apologize for Time-Warner.


Ed wrote: "city can't do much about it"

That kinda depends on what you consider to be much. No, the City can't regulate Internet services but the City Council can refuse to renew the cable TV franchise with the end result being the same.

Now it's time to see what our local politicians are made of.


"the City can't regulate Internet services but the City Council can refuse to renew the cable TV franchise with the end result being the same." - Bill

I was hoping this might be a remedy too, Billy. Alas, no. State law took franchising Cable companies away from local governments effective 1/1/07 and removed any of the kinds of regulations or requirements once found in local franchise agreements from the state-granted franchise -- which is now merely a matter of filing some minimal paperwork. The regulatory control that could have been used as leverage no longer exists, locally or at the state level. I done wrote about it, including some things City Council still CAN do.

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