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Apr 26, 2009


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News & Record Critic

It should be worth noting that each day, there are only a dozen or so locally produced stories in the News & Record anyway. Don't believe me? Do a count of the stories in your paper that have a local byline and are not a "wire" story. I counted about 12 the other day, including a photo story and opinions.

As such, it certainly makes sense for them to go ahead and get rid of the "local" section so they can continue to accelerate their demise. The local section was the only part of the newspaper that I read anyway, now they're getting rid of it? It's baffling.

I question why such a large newspaper cannot produce as much local content as say Fox8 or some of the other TV stations. The News & Record should have a majority of LOCAL content, not a majority of WIRE content. It seems to me that is the problem with daily newspapers, and in particular this one, NOT the proliferation of the Internet.

I hope to write the News & Record and other local newspapers to ask readers to do a count of the LOCAL stories in their newspaper each day.

That should be a telling statistic and hopefully, it will be a constructive criticism of the newspaper that John Robinson and others can use to gauge the usefulness of their paper to local readers.

Reggie Greene / The Logistician


Very nice piece, or should I say collection of pieces in today's Sunday News-Record. I particularly liked your very first sentence, “… and it made me think.”

There’s a dearth of consideration of the views of others out there these days, along with a lack of appreciation that reasonable people can differ.

That’s for maintaining some intellectual clarity.


You know... I had to get the laptop and respond after cutting coupons today Ed. There in the coupons was an ad for "Yesterdays News" cat litter. It's $13.95 a bag "after" coupon....

Somehow, someone has managed to make 1400% profit off the News and Record just so cats can crap all over the works of journalist.

I know it's no laughing matter... but the irony is just sad.

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