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Apr 29, 2009


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My take: Good communicator at-ease with modern media; reluctant to take a position, hard to imagine as an advocate or negotiator.

Ryan Shell

Roch - As I've previously said to you, the mediums in which I have previously communicated (GreensboroPolitics.com) were not the proper place for me to throw out my opinion. The Web site is fact based, not my opinion. If you are referencing comments on other sites I have always tried to take part in conversation, but never lost track that I was representing GreensboroPolitics.com.

I'm perfectly capable of advocating and negotiating. Let's not jump the gun in lumping me, or any other candidate into a category so quickly.

Have specific questions for me? Let's meet and chat.



Ryan, as I stated in my post, I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to offer over the next six months. I don't think I've lumped you into a category so much as summarized my opinion of your strengths and weaknesses based on experiences to date.

I'd be delighted to meet and chat, but there are several questions I've posed on your and other local blogs that, for your own reasons, went unanswered. If you are willing to answer them now, we don't have to meet for you to do so.

(Note: Ryan and I are off on a bit of a tête-à-tête. It could be because I am the aging fart disenchanted with life and determined to squash any up and coming talent, or it could be because I am vicariously enthusiastic for Ryan and would like to see him do this right so I dispense curmudgeonly avuncular advice.


Ryan kept me off his blogroll so that does it for me.

Ryan Shell

Roch - In some strange way I appreciate your note. Ha.

Spag - Like I've said before, I haven't looked at that section since I did the redesign on GreensboroPolitics.com.

And Ed, thanks for posting this info.



Ryan and Roch bit off who's teet?


I was only kidding, Ryan. I live in Oak Ridge so you don't have to pander for my non-vote.

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