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Apr 26, 2009


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How is a T-W customer supposed to measure how much of the company's precious bandwidth he is actually using?

I've been a T-W customer for a long time and they've never offered me a little gizmo that does that. Not that i wouldn't need to be convinced of its accuracy.

How much use is "excessive" use? Does T-W attach real numbers to that?

Of course, it's all kinda silly, because demands on the network change all the time. What's excessive at 3 pm is not so excessive at 3 am.

It's just one more example of the kind of arrogant behavior we should expect from a monopolist.


Ed, if they pull that crap with me just once... I'm gone permanently This is pre-obama crap that got this country in the crap hole it is.

I don't care if I have to string freakin tin cans together to use the internet.... If they mess with me I'm gone. Forever.

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