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Apr 03, 2009


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Jeffrey Sykes

I was 8 at the time, but I do remember seeing this huge white dude with flowing hair playing with a red, white and blue ball during the regular season games that year.

I started rooting for him even though I knew nothing about sports in general. I did watch the championship game with my dad and I remembered I cried like a baby when that mean old Magic Johnson's team crushed my hero.

Strange thing is that I was already a fan of Kareem and a few years later when the Lakers got James Worthy I started watching NBA religiously and became a huge fan of that Magic guy. I didn't hold it against him for what he did to Bird's team in the NCAA finals.

I ended up hating the Celtics as much as I hate Duke. I even rooted for the Lakers over the Bulls in 1991.

Life is full of give and take.

Eric Hendrix

That Sports Illustrated cover picture is one of my all time favorties. I still have that issue. Here is an interesting side note to the Final 4 in Greensboro in 1974. For those that don't remember or know, there was a "no dunking" rule in effect in the college game. The NCAA was exploring different options for changes that it could make to the college game. On Friday night before the Semi-Finals in Greensboro, Davidson played Wake Forest in an NCAA sponsored exibition game. The game was played with the basket height set at eleven feet. Of course neither team had ever practiced or played on an eleven foot basket before. It was hilarious to watch. The best part was that I was a student at Davidson at the time and my family hosted the Davidson Basketall team while it was in Greensboro for the weekend. I ended up sitting with the team for the semi-finals on Saturday. We were on the floor, sitting on folding chairs, directly underneath the basket with the photographers. SWEET!

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