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Apr 01, 2009


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Joe Killian

I know there's a lot of strange, unintentionally hilarious crap on cable TV news. But the idea that Beck's bosses see this stuff and think it's still a good idea to give him money and put him in front of a camera almost feels like an April Fool's Day joke.

J. Neas

Which just goes to show that you are clearly still in a 9-10 state of mind, Joe.


But the idea that Beck's bosses see this stuff and think it's still a good idea


Joe Killian

Glenn Beck is crazy as hell and he's not going to take it anymore!

Brad Krantz

Michael Savage and Ann Coulter had a demon-child... his name is Glen Beck.


The crocodile tears Beck sheds "for his country" are quite frankly disgusting. I don't believe it for one second and he's playing the part of the manipulative media agent perfectly. Beck is just another person to stir the kettle up during the current administration. FOX is drooling from the ratings boom its receiving and Beck, Hannity and O'Reilly are only too happy to oblige with loony rants like we see here.

I'm sure Sam or someone will step up and start saying "BUT KEITH! BUT KEITH!" but really there is no comparison. Olberman doesn't even come close to this charade and never will. Nor will Ed Shultz who just got his own show on MSNBC yesterday. A new progressive / liberal commentator on TV, finally!


Yes, there ia indeed a severe shortage of liberal commentators.

I dont like or watch (or listen) to Beck and Hannity. Bill O is not as bad as the left likes to portray him.

But please explain the ratings differences. Where are all these looney right wing nut jobs coming from?


just remember...heres whats happened....in less than one decade:

1) A presidential election was essentially a tie and a constitutional crises nearly ensued
2) Two towers fell to the ground in a remarkable fashion ( lets not forget the pentagon was attacked)
3) An african american president was elected, more importantly the internet was used in an unprecedented way to elect a president
4) A global financial crisis not seen in 75 years has transpired, firms that were as old as a century dissapeared and the vast majority of dow 30 stocks were trading at a single digit price at one point

the decade still has 273 days left..whats next?


No Ged, I just think it's funny that you cried the night Obama won the White House and notice the prevalent echoes in Ed's "Recent Comments" section. Just the way you guys want it.

Have a nice day.


If you think those two events are even remotely similar Sam, you're even dumber than I originally thought. The reasons why they are not are obvious to everyone except you.


I've never watched Glen Beck, but it seems to me that he will probably be busted for drug use someday.
I will never understand why people swallow his act whole.


Glen Beck is laughable blend of snake oil and fine whine. I wish him well in his mission to further marginalize the extremist right wing.

Ian McDowell

I'd never actually watched him before. I was expecting someone reactionary, however one may define that term, but not such an hysterical little man-bitch.


I'd never seen Glen Beck before. He is clearly the new voice of grassroots wisdom. But I have to wonder what he's got against Them?


Beck's credibility is tarnished more by his beliefs in magical undergarments, the same as Mitt Romney's, but it doesn't prevent the two from having a platform in the magical thinking world of pagan fatalism, better known as the new Obamunism in the Bushworld already in flames. However, he has an historical precedent for his tearful concerns.

Today's calamities are not new on a national level. But this is the first time the world's reserve currency has been fiat paper which can be created infinitely, producing unlimited amounts of malinvestment. Until 1971, the global reserve currency has been a much more scarce commodity than paper.

If you add this malinvestment to the recent politics of envy, a new hatred of the perceived to be rich appears to be a natural result. Comrade Obama's prescription seems to be more sacrifice, which means I will be sacrificing more for his policies.

Beck and Fox are not here to help us. If they were, they would tell us that food, prescription drugs, toilet paper, soap, fresh water, matches, a cooking stove with fuel for cooking are essentials.

Store small coins and bills, as banks may close for a while. If you need to buy something, the seller may not be able to make change. The best freeze dreid food is Mountain House. Shelf life of 30 years in #10 cans.

Freeplay makes the best emergency radio. The Max has an AC power adapter, flashlight, AM/FM, solar and hand crank power.

In the 20th century there were over 54 large riots. LA had 53 deaths and 2000 wounded. The riot was ended by Korean property owners with shotguns. Watts in 1992 had 34 killed and 100 wounded. Always use a pump with #4 buckshot. This weapon has 2000 lbs of force with the effect of twenty-seven .22 rounds being directed at someone who believes what's yours is his. A .38 produces 200 lbs of force. A .223 rifle about 1200 foot-pounds.

Beck and Fox don't tell you that they enable the politics of envy or any of the above information.

As your marksmanship improves with any weapon, your helplessness will evaporate. This has been a public service announcement.


I may have to actually watch Beck now, but with all of the love for Beck, will there be any left over for Dobbs?


I cry like that when I have too much to drink and start talking about my grandmother. Except I really cry. I once did it while talking about the song "Nelly was a Lady" by Stephen Foster, and a few times while talking about the Declaration of Independence.

Is it possible Glenn Beck is drunk?


...beez... no sense telling these people how to survive...none of them owns a copy of 21-76...they get their survival info from television and the show "survivor"...lets see if mark burnett will be there when all thats left to eat is a jar of pickles and some bisquick....my take on a shotgun is a bit different...most of the time you only have to make that loud sliding sound and the rats will scurry...there is no other sound on earth like the shotgun being readied...why waste good ammo
when the mere sound of it will set them runnin? you and i will pick half of them off while they wait for their cable to be turned back on....

Big L

If anyone would know about being a little man bitch, it would be the worthless child. Too bad he's crawled out from whatever rock he's been hiding other to ruin this website even further.

But yes, the sound of a pump-action is one of the greatest in the world, right next to a liberal taking their last breaths on God's green earth.


bob: NY has 8.5 million people. 1 in 23 is a perp to be named later. Less that 39k police are left to take the statements, make chalk outlines and tag the toes of victims of crime. Soon, the herd will have figured out that the government can't really protect them.

I agree with the sound. It's more distracting that a twig breaking in the woods or the rattler on a viper. There is no substitute for the sliding mechanism which the Great Mystery found in his wisdom to place in our collective unconscious.

We saw in hurricane Katrina, when the lumpem proles discover that the government isn't going to help them, they go batshit crazy and chaos becomes a cover for every 1 in 23 crazy to prey on some poor helpless bastard. The proles really believe deep down in their tiny little heart of darkness that the government has a solution to the problem they created themselves.

If you prepare for an emergency, you are better prepared for life, even if the emergency never occurs. One other reason to prepare. Schools, hospitals, churches, restaurants, stores and banks are frequent locations of gun crimes. I have never read of some perp going batshit crazy at a firing range. Gun ranges are the safest places on the planet. Visit one every six months.


At what point is it simply unkind for Colbert to continue to mock this man? ..I think Glen Beck should be set up with Brittany Spears,then it would be unkind to mock him....too much. He seems to be fueled on Klonepin and something else.


beelz----new york has 8.5 million LEGAl people and about a half million illegals on any given day.....1 in 23 may be a perp but more like 1 in 9 has schizophrenia or a major DSM 4 diagnosis...my biggest fear is when they run out of anti-psychotic medication .. supplys dwindle ,a natural result of a major shit storm...there are however plenty of cameras and satellite trucks..it will make good TV if we still have reception


bob: thanks for your public service announcement. That's about the ratio here, but becoming more skewed as our policemen are bitch slapping their escorts, some in public, and appealing guilty verdicts.

People here are somewhere in thetaville. They aren't in REM sleep, but they aren't awake either. They went to bed knowing the government has a plan. That's why the small gun you take with you will always be better than the big gun you leave at home. This is a public service announcement.

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