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Apr 27, 2009


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Mental anguish...fear of dying...torture?? I think we need a truth commission to investigate. Who approved this, who gave legal opinions to justify, will the DOJ get involved?

Dave Ribar

Yet another reason we are running a trillion dollar deficit.


Someone was quick to point out that it was done in conjuction with a training mission in order to "save" money. Make me feel better.


Something I heard on the radio today really hit home. If this whole thing TRULY was about a photo-op, any rank amateur Photoshop geek, myself included, could have easily created the desired juxtaposition, with no cost, no carbon footprint, and no flashbacks or stool running down peoples' legs.

Ed Cone

"If this whole thing TRULY was about a photo-op..."



What was it really about?


Secret delivery of tin foil hats.

Alan Bulluck

Two days after the fact, Obama's "furious."


Alan, actually Obama was "furious" when he first heard about it, just like most everyone else was. Stop playing fast and lose with the facts.

Alan Bulluck



If Comrade Napoleon says it, then it must be so.



Ed Cone

$328K is a bargain when you consider the REAL purpose of the mission.


Would somebody please reveal that to me.

meblogin can only imagine the lack of interest had this happened during Bush's presidency... I doubt anyone would of even taken the time to blog.

Fred Gregory

Wait till they find out

Christophe Was Aboard

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