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Apr 14, 2009


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"Lack of buy-in from Forsyth and W-S slow progress of Heart of the Triad project."

You can also add the citizens of High Point who live in the area as well.


"Debbage and Lynch acknowledged that the value of the hub was "oversold" back in the planning phase..."

"But, but, we are credible now. No, really."

Ed Cone

Keith, HP and Kernersville got good marks on HoT.


Good marks is because they are the 2 municipalities who have the water and sewer for the whole area. This Heart of the Triad should be an issue between High Point and Kernersville .

Ed Cone

Good marks for actual cooperation, as I understood it.


"Land use an issue. Too much residential zoning in eastern Guilford eats up space needed for business."

You mean like the 1000 arces in and around the White Street Landfill that is slated for development with millions of dollars of Federal Stimulus Funds when Greensboro would be far better served to build a Waste To Energy Plasma Conversion System on the same property so our garbage would become a money maker instead of a money waster?

"Lack of buy-in from Forsyth and W-S slow progress of Heart of the Triad project."

A plan only Melvin's Minions and the Perkinites could love.

Jerry Bledsoe

What is your role in Greensboro Leadership?

Ed Cone

I have no role in Leadership Greensboro, beyond accepting an invitation to moderate yesterday's panel discussion on economic development.


How about...What is Leadership Greensboro? Who was present at this panel discussion...would've been interesting to sit in on it and surprised to find it not covered in today's N & R? I agree with Wolverton about the completion of Beltway and that there is also a need for comprehensive land use planning, not exclusive ones like HoT. Any discussion of the proposed architecture school that the local U's are discussing?

Ed Cone

Leadership Greensboro is an annual Chamber of Commerce program aimed at leadership development. The audience for the panel was this year's class. Other events on yesterday's schedule included a panel discussion with representatives of several local foundations, and tours of the Civil Rights Museum and Triad Stage.

There was no mention of an architecture school.


Architecture in Triad:


Might be a good use for that brownfield site.

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